Carves line


Decorative carved plates, vases and saucers, umbrella-stands and jars become beautiful pieces of interior furniture. Preciously manufactured, they are all performed with the particular workmanship of ceramics giving it an antique and crackled effect, and decorated with carves.


Ornamental dish for wall.

Available in two measures:

Item no. C05 – D. 36,5 cm



Item no. C09 - Measures: D. cm 19




Vase with ball shape.

Item no. C02 – Measures: H. 24 cm


Small cachepot.

Item no. C03 – Measures: H. 20,5 x D. 25 cm



Big cachepot.

Item no. C04 - Measures: H. 30 x D. 40 cm



Conical vase.

Item no. C01 - Measures: H. 41 cm




Vase useful as umbrella-stands.

Item no. C10 - Measures: H. 57 cm


Jar vase.

Available in two measures:

Item no. C07 – H. 57 cm

Item no. C08 – H. 70 cm